Moon Dog Stacks On, Mosaicy Breaky Heart & Timothy Tamothy Slamothy

Moon Dog

Published March 1, 2022

There was a period over summer just gone when the steady flow of limited releases making their way to Crafty Towers from Moon Dog eased up; presumably when you’re selling truck loads of your easy-drinkers and seltzers and it’s peak drinking season something has to give. The lull didn’t last long, however, with no less than three landing as we prepared to skip into autumn.

There’s a bit of a seasonal shift across the beers too. When it comes to Stacks On – a strawberry, lime and stone fruit imperial sour with lactose and vanilla for added creaminess – you could still be enjoying an Indian summer. And with the beer, I could take a deep dive off a coastal jetty into how that combination presents, but let’s just go with “pavlova through a blender”.

The other new release is actually a bit of an “any time of year” beer: a single hop IPA showcasing Mosaic, not to mention a pun related to Billy Ray Cyrus, who may become the first person from pop culture to have two Moon Dog beers named in his honour (not counting The Fonz' Jumping The Shark series). Pouring an appealingly lovely bright copper like an APA of yore, your peepers might have you expecting the malts responsible for such a colour to impact your senses elsewhere too, but other than contributing to Mosaicy Breaky Heart's nicely rounded nature and keeping bitterness in check, they don’t really get a look in. And that’s thanks to the Mosaic, which showcases its sweeter tendencies: juicy oranges, blackcurrant candy, ripe melon, and a piney edge to the finish.

Of a more autumnal bent is the returning Timothy Tamothy Slamothy, their annual spin on the most Aussie of biccie experiences, albeit this time given a caramel twist. That said, the aromas remind me more of the dark choc Tim Tam variant, and there’s a bit of nuttiness too, leaving you with a sweet, nougat-and-caramel-laced stout with a lick of roast doing its best to be heard.

James Smith

Imperial Fruit Cream Sour, Single Hop IPA & Sweet Stout
7.5% & 7.0% & 6.5%
Moon Dog

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