Moon Dog Rosé Sour Power

Moon Dog

Published April 16, 2022

There seems to be plenty about sour beers that can capture the attention of wine drinkers, whether it’s their fruit-forward nature or the acidity and funkier flavours shared between many sours and natural wines. Moon Dog meanwhile, are making an unabashed play for part of the wine market with their core range Rosé Sour Power, a beer that would quite fittingly come served in a carafe and is sold in slim, 330ml cans.

Pouring with a pink to orange hue, Rosé Sour as much resembles certain natural wines as it does other beers and the flavour profile is all about melding fruits together. Largely what we picked up was a mix of strawberry, cherry and cranberry with a lighter touch of melon and a tart, raspberry finish.

Will Ziebell

Sour Ale
Moon Dog

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