St Andrews Beach Brewery El Charro Mexican Lager

St Andrews Beach Brewery

Published October 4, 2021

First brewed for GABS 2021, El Charro has been welcomed back into the stud by the team at St Andrews Beach Brewery, not least as this time of year should suit a Mexican lager a little better. Alhough the brewery says it was a hit at the beer festival in May, when you’ve got a beer brewed with corn, agave, lime and sea salt, it feels like something designed for post-swim refreshment more than a small taster as winter approaches.

The beer couldn’t pour any clearer: a golden, straw-coloured beer bringing a touch of sunshine to your glass. With a lean body and crisp finish, it could easily disappear quickly, and while the citrus and salt see El Charro veer in the direction of a gose, it washes across your palate without any tartness with the flavours instead presenting with more of a zing.

Will Ziebell

Mexican Lager
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