Dainton Beer Sweet Party, Eh!

Dainton Brewery & Taphouse

Published July 13, 2022

There may well come a day when the brewers at Dainton run out of desserts to turn into beers but today is not that day. Sweet Party, Eh! is a brown ale that takes Canada’s national syrup and brings it together with pecans for a rich pie-inspired beer.

Maple is one of those flavours isn't it? So distinct from the outset and typically, it's the kind of flavour that drenches everything else in its path. Are you really eating pancakes with maple syrup? Or maple syrup with some fried batter underneath? Fortunately, this brown ale isn't drenched in maple flavour, with it instead playing a more subtle role and slowly building as the beer warms up. That delicate maple means those other flavours are able to be found, with nutty notes of pecan joined by bourbony burnt sugar and vanilla to make for a sweet party, eh.

Will Ziebell

Brown Ale
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