Block 'n Tackle x Oldfield Cellars Ferrimans Peat Smoked Rye IPA

Block 'n Tackle

Published August 24, 2022

When you think of the kind of beers that should be popular on the NSW Central Coast, your mind probably goes to easy-drinking lagers and pale ales. Not so much to peat smoked rye ales.

When Block ’n Tackle and Oldfield Cellars collaborated to brew Ferrymans in 2018, they were surprised how many people took to it. It wasn’t their first time teaming up to make an interesting beer – that was the previous year, with a lime and white pepper dark saison. But the powerful flavour of a peat smoked rye ale is far removed from what many people think of as "normal" beer, or the kind you’d crack on the beach at sunset.

But Ferrymans sold out quickly (and scored a spot on our top 10 NSW beers of 2018 list), and the two businesses brought it back the next year, much to punters’ delight.

Fast forward to 2022 and the release of Ferrimans. The Y has been replaced with an I, and the amped up hop bill (according to Block ’n Tackle: “We’ve just hopped tha bajeezus out of it.”) has moved the beer into IPA territory.

Interestingly, the increased hopping hasn’t made the beer more intense, but more balanced. Peat smoked malt and rye are both ingredients that can be a bit much for some drinkers, but the presence of more fruity hops has softened the corners of this beer. You might not expect a peat smoked rye IPA to be a snuggly blanket, but this wraps you up in warm smoke and light spice, with an edging of fruity sweetness. Think the comforting flavour of honey baked ham Kettle chips and you're on the right track.

Mick Wüst

Peat Smoked Rye IPA

Oldfield Cellars – Gosford

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