Aether Brewing Anti Matter Cascadian Dark Lager

Aether Brewing

Published September 13, 2022

In modern physics, antimatter is defined as matter composed of the antiparticles (or "partners") of the corresponding particles in "ordinary" matter… A collision between any particle and its antiparticle partner leads to their mutual annihilation…

I may only understand as much about physics as I read on Wikipedia, but surely mutual annihilation is never a good thing. And don’t even get me started on the theory that antimatter and antiparticles are regular particles travelling backward in time.†

For all my experimenting, my attempts to collide with Anti Matter Cascadian Dark Lager didn’t result in mutual annihilation. Appreciation of its dark colour that sparkled red when backlit? Sure. Extreme smoothness that let the nutty malt and subtle roast slide across the tongue? Absolutely. A soft charge of citrusy hop character that ran parallel to the malt? Well, yeah. But the beer was far too easy to drink, and so the experiment was over far too quickly.

Perhaps with the help of Anti Matter I can travel back in time and try again…

Mick Wust

† Mostly because that sentence is literally the extent of my knowledge on it.

NB Aether's Written In The Stars is back for another run too.

Cascadian Dark Lager
35 IBU
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