T-Bone Brewing Tropical Sour & Party Punch

T-Bone Brewing Co

Published January 25, 2023

T Bone Brewing’s Huntingdale production brewery has clearly ensured they could approach summer with no shortage of hot weather-ready beer. Tropical Sour is just that, with the 3.0 per cent ABV beer starring watermelon, pineapple, passionfruit and strawberry. Sure, they might not actually have tropical beaches in Tasmania but sit by one of the island's stunning coasts and crack into the beer and surely the tropical tang from that mix of fruits will turn up the temperature and humidity.

Party Punch meanwhile keeps the fruit and summer vibe but takes out the sourness, with watermelon sharing the stage with raspberry and cucumber. The fruited beer (rather than fruity beer of course) follows on from the brewery's longstanding summer favourite, Watermelon Wheat, so instead of any tartness, we have a mouthfeel akin to a Hefeweizen. But there's also an lean and crisp side to the beer which matches with cucumber’s natural state of being before fresh raspberry and watermelon wash across the palate.

Will Ziebell

Sour & Fruited Beer
3.0% & 4.4%
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