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The Grifter Brewing Company

1/391 Enmore Road
NSW 2204

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Wed & Thur: 4pm to 10pm
Fri: 4pm to midnight
Sat: 12pm to 10pm
Sun: 4pm to 10pm

The Grifter Brewing Company of today is immeasurably different to the one Trent Evans, Matt King and Glenn Wignall launched in 2012. Back then, they were simply three friends mixing up homebrew recipes in the kitchen with little ambition to be brewers. But timing and circumstance saw them presented with a chance offer to make a commercial batch of their beer in the just-about-to-open Young Henrys brewery in Newtown. It was an opportunity that would ultimately alter the paths of their lives.

They fine-tuned a recipe for a pale ale and launched it with a friendly name: “Edward”. The first keg sold out in two hours. Six months later they had their own tank in the Young Henrys brewery. Pretty soon, demand for the fledgling outfit outstripped supply and it became clear they would need their own brewery.

As luck would have it, that kit they brewed their very first beer on at Young Henrys came up for sale, and so the search for a home began.

During this time the craft beer world was blossoming around them, and other new breweries were capturing attention. Yet the trio continued to keep their heads down and quietly went about their business. You never really saw The Grifter Brewing Co. at beer festivals. They rarely held events more ambitious than sponsoring the monthly pool competition at their local pub. If you knew the right bars you could get their beer, otherwise they weren’t to be seen.

But things were happening in the background. They secured a site in a lint-covered warehouse of a former laundromat and the brewery equipment was hauled out of storage. Their lovingly designed label artwork was becoming more refined and cohesive. They took the leap away from the security of other employment to work on the brewery full time. It took two full years of planning and sacrifice, but the three former hobby brewers were well on their way to establishing a place where people could be welcomed in to see for themselves what TGBC is all about.

At the end of 2015, The Grifter Brewing Company finally opened a home of its own in Marrickville. And what a fine home it is.

The site is split roughly in two, with the brewery running the length of the site and acting as something of a moving backdrop. It’s here they brew each and every beer, with the bold lettering on the top of every tin that states “Marrickville, NSW” – a promise to every drinker about where that beer comes from.

The bar space is slick enough to be a standalone parlour in Surry Hills, let alone one attached directly to a working brewery. Beneath a neon sign the beer menu is presented in the timeless manner of an old movie theatre, its black letters subdued against a glowing orange background. What’s largely a minimalist and industrial grey-and-black interior is broken by flourishes of colour from bright tiles and coasters. The pool room, hidden around the corner from the bar, has the warmth of being in an old boozer – indeed, the carpet actually came from a local pub that had been stripped out.

Their core product range consists of a pale ale (affectionately known as the “Orange Goblin”), lager, West Coast IPA and the mid-strength Moderation, alongside three quite different beers that each enjoy a cult-like status: the Serpents Kiss (a watermelon pilsner), pink lemonade sour and their most-awarded beer, The Omen oatmeal stout. In the tasting bar, they have 12 taps in total. Alongside a range of small batch beers and the staples, there’s a seltzer tap that changes with the seasons.

Whatever your drop of choice is, it can be enjoyed alongside a slice from the brewery’s personal pizza restaurant, Fortune Pizza. Firing pizza amongst their brewhouse and canning line was never part of the plan, but it’s exactly where they’ve landed, with their yeast now used not only to ferment ales but leaven dough. So, today, grain both swirls amongst the mash tun and plays host to melted mozzarella – and the pairing couldn’t be more perfect.

To quote Glenn Wignall: “Pizza is just beer so dry, you can put cheese on it.”

Beyond food and drink, their merch seems to change as often as the beer, with the brewery’s clothes, keyrings, hats, bumper stickers and just-about-anything-else-you-can-wear frequently shifting but always timeless.

As a brewery, they’ve long been passionate collaborators, brewing with some of Sydney’s finest bars, pubs, restaurants, fellow breweries and everything in between. It gives those friends the chance to work with the brewers on a recipe and better understand the beer, while also letting TGBC put the spotlight on their mates and partners.

That commitment to their community is a constant of the brewery, and while TGBC beers do make their way out of Sydney, their roots run deep. Along with brewing everything on site, their own staff ferry their beer across their home city, and they take the greatest care in how their beer makes it into the world.

So, while it took them a long time and a winding road to get here, explore any part of The Grifter Brewing Co experience and there’s little wonder why they remain a standout and cornerstone in Australia’s busiest beer neighbourhood.

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Core Range

The Grifter Brewing Co Lager
The Grifter Brewing Co Pink Galah
Fruit Sour
The Grifter Brewing Co Pale Ale
Australian Pale Ale
The Grifter Brewing Co Big Sur IPA
West Coast IPA
The Grifter Brewing Co The Omen
Oatmeal Stout
The Grifter Brewing Co Serpent's Kiss
Watermelon Pilsner
Grifter Brewing Co Moderation
Australian Dry Ale

Limited Releases

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The Grifter Brewing Co Sunshine XPA
The Grifter Brewing Co Horse's Head
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The Grifter Brewing Co Hand in Hand Lager & Fortune Teller Blueberry & Lavender Witbier
Lager & Witbier with fruit and spices
4.3% & 4.9%
The Grifter Brewing Co C-Boogie Cucumber Kolsch
Cucumber Kolsch
The Grifter Brewing Co Acid Drop
Hoppy Sour
The Grifter Brewing Co Pilsner (RETIRED)
The Grifter Brewing Co Green & Gold Hop Harvest Pilsner
Fresh Hop Pilsner
The Grifter Brewing Co & The Henson Neighbourhood NEIPA
The Grifter Brewing Co Pearly White
Mid-Strength Witbier
The Grifter Brewing Co The Passenger & Voodoo Paradise
Belgian Blonde & Coconut Milk Stout
5.3% & 5.8%
The Grifter Brewing Co Altered Beast
The Grifter Brewing Co Tuff-Nut
Coconut Lager
The Grifter Brewing Co & Coffee Alchemy Ceremony
Coffee Cream Ale
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Double IPA
The Grifter Brewing Co Brainstorm
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The Grifter Brewing Helles Lager
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The Grifter Brewing Co Horses Head
Red Ale
The Grifter Brewing Co Super Mild
English Mild
The Grifter Brewing Co Cobra
Coffee Brown Ale
The Grifter Brewing Co Marnie's Majority
The Grifter Brewing Co Fresh & Clean IPL
India Pale Lager
Th eGrifter Brewing Co Serpent's Kiss
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The Grifter Brewing Co Southern Lord
The Grifter Brewing Co Swill of the Gods II
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