Moon Dog Perverse Sexual Amalgam

Moon Dog

Published October 15, 2011

One of the best gifts we received on the occasion of our first birthday at The Festival of the Frothy was the decision of the Moon Dog brewers to give us the first keg of Perverse Sexual Amalgam, a wild black ale to which has been added all manner of funky yeasts as well as, at some point in its existence inside some of their many barrels, tart cherry plums. The result is a deeply dark ale with a light white head that hints at a bright future for the boys. Sour and tart, for sure, but in a balanced, smooth manner that is remarkably moreish. Apparently, the brewers themselves now reckon they didn't make it tongue-strippingly sour enough... Either way, it was good enough for The Local Taphouse to beg for a keg for their St Kilda venue, with the remainder to appear in bottles at some point soon.

Barrel-aged Wild Ale
Moon Dog

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