Moon Dog Perverse Sexual Amalgam (bottles)

Moon Dog

Published December 5, 2011

The beer that debuted at The Crafty Pint's first birthday bash, Festival of the Frothy, is back in a strictly limited bottled release. So limited, in fact, the brewers are already bemoaning how little of it they have and it's only just started leaving the brewery. More has been laid down, but will be months away. The Amalgam is likely to be the first of many wild or sour ales from Moon Dog.

It's a lightly carbonated dark ale that spent several months in oak with some tart cherry plums and comes complete with a suitably twisted label reminiscent of Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin's Monkey Drummer or the denouement of Air's How Does It Make You Feel? video. Inside, the sourness of the aroma is leavened by hints of sweetness (the dark muscovado sugar perhaps) and a touch of oak, and the tartness of the flavour is again held in check; there's nothing sharp here, rather similarities to a Bretty wine. Perversely quaffable.

Wild Ale
14 IBU

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