Moon Dog Henry Ford's Girthsome Fjord

Moon Dog

Published December 5, 2011

So, it's got a ridiculous name, is described as a "Bulgo-American India Brown Ale" and has a list of ingredients that could be entered into a short story competition; little wonder there's lots going on in Henry Ford's Girthsome Fjord. A typically Moon Doggian mangling of styles, this has hops aplenty, a splash of brown sugar to accompany the malts and a mix of yeasts, including a Belgian Trappist one that does its level best to dominate proceedings. Not that that's an easy task. Its distinctive character might pop up first on the nose and linger fruitily in the mouth, but as you work your way through this deeply dark brown beer, don't be surprised to have whiffs of treacle or sweet chocolate raise their head, even a hint of piney NW US hops. There's plenty to chew on too, and surprisingly little noticeable bitterness given the hop content in an undeniably girthsome beer.

Belgian India Brown Ale
65 IBU

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