Moon Dog Melon Gibson

Moon Dog

Published February 25, 2012

The opening salvo in what will become Moon Dog's Magnificent Mullet series of beers, created in tribute to one of the great hairdos of the past (or concocted after sampling some of their own product, perhaps). The three beers are all kind of witbier-y and kind of Berliner Weisse-y thanks to the addition of a wee bit of wild yeast. In the case of Melon Gibson, the defining factor is the, you've guessed it, melon - or watermelon, to be precise. The boys hacked more than 100kg to pieces using some sort of rearranged clothes hanger implement and added it late in the brewing process. The outcome's a cloudy and very quaffable number, with the fruity sweetness presence there subtly in the aroma and to taste with just a hint of tartness to finish. A quirky approach that delivers the first truly sessionable Moon Dog beer. Roll on McGuava and Billy Ray Citrus.

Fruit Beer
10 IBU

Royston Tap

More tbc when bottles are released

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