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Moon Dog

Published June 4, 2012

This year's Danish invasion of Melbourne has left quite a legacy. Well, it would have if people didn't keep drinking it so fast, with the Mikkeller efforts with Goat and Bridge Road all but gone already. Next cab off the collab ranks is this from kindred jokers Moon Dog and Beer Here. Described as a Danish farmhouse ale of sorts, it's brewed with flaked oats, maris otter, biscuit, dark wheat rye and peated munich malts and a farmhouse yeast, the penultimate of these explaining why the initial aroma is woody and smoky even though it's that rare beast: a Moon Dog beer that's not seen the inside of a barrel. It's an intriguing blend that has led to a cloudy blood orange beer with a Coke-like head, rich, sweet malt flavours, an oily mouthfeel, a long aftertaste, bugger all bitterness and a hint of farmhouse funk. Despite that, it's actually not that weird at all, just a fulsome, slightly fruity, slightly spicy beer with alcohol that warms that'll do rather nicely in these cooler climes.

Dark Farmhouse Ale
14 IBU
Moon Dog

17 Duke Street
VIC 3067

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