Moon Dog Wet Nurse Tonic

Moon Dog

Published September 7, 2012

It says something of the way the Australian beer industry is going that just days after learning Moon Dog was to release a beer called Wet Nurse Tonic, The Crafty Pint was at another brewery in another state when the brewer announced plans for a pale stout called Wet Nurse. Devious buggers... In the case of this one, it's the Abbotsford brewers' take on a milk stout that - aside from the saucy label that channels British seaside postcards from the 60s via Mars Attacks and Jeff Koons' porno paintings of himself and ex-wife La Cicciolina - means the addition of honey as well as lactose, a touch of roastiness atop the richer, creamier, caramel malt flavours and a Belgian stout yeast thrown into the mix too. Allow it to warm before self-medicating with a couple of plump cupcakes.

Milk Stout
36 IBU


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