Lord Nelson Double Nelson

Lord Nelson

Released September 25, 2012

In cricket, 'Nelson' is a superstitious term used when a score, or multiple, of 111 is reached - 222 is a Double Nelson, 333 is a Triple Nelson, and so on. What that has to do with this beer is anyone's guess, but it's certainly another multi-layered moniker that plays on the English-ness of all the Lord's beers. But, ironically, the Double Nelson is actually their take on an American-style Pale Ale, and a quite fine one at that. It has the highly-hopped citrus and pine characters you'd expect of the style, with a dry, bitter caramel finish from the malt billing. But despite so much flavour packed in, it's a surprisingly refreshing ale. You may want to double up.

American Pale Ale

Lord Nelson

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