Lord Nelson Double Nelson IPA

Lord Nelson

Released March 11, 2014

Usually when we announce a limited release beer from Sydney's iconic Lord Nelson, it's one that you have to travel to the hotel in The Rocks to sample. This time around, however, for the first time in its quarter century history the brewery is releasing some of its seasonals in 500ml bottles. First up for the treatment is its Double Nelson IPA, a souped up version of its popular Three Sheets American Pale Ale. It takes its name from an English cricketing tradition. Nelson, which is any multiple of 111, is deemed to be an unlucky number for a team to sit upon. Former English umpire David Shepherd was one who believed the superstition could be overcome by only ever having one foot on the ground at a time, which he would do even while officiating in Test matches. We're not quite sure how this relates to the beer, which is a straightforward American-inspired IPA with familiar citrus and piney aromas that follow through in spades in the mouth. The hops are prominent on the palate but, while the bitterness is noticeable it's pretty mild for an IPA, making this a sessionable rather than aggressive take on the style.


In bottles nationwide where you find Three Sheets and Old Admiral

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