Moon Dog Love Tap – Retired

Moon Dog

Published November 30, 2012

Standards must be slipping at Moon Dog. I mean, seriously, when you've offered up buxom nurses holding breast-shaped cupcakes and cigar-smoking skulls on your labels, who's going to be satisfied with a pig in lime green bow tie and top hat? Next thing you know, they'll be brewing a lager.

Thankfully, this is nothing of the sort, but instead the equivalent of drinking fresh hop goo, goo that's an amalgam of German, Aussie and Kiwi hops, an amalgam in which the New World hops carry out an almighty smackdown on the Old World, a smackdown in which, despite the seemingly huge amount of hops packed into the beer, the result is a smooth, bitter-without-being-beastly, hazy golden beer with bucketloads of fresh tropical aromas, a hazy golden beer that you'd swear was never 7.1 per cent. Yet it is. And it turns out it's a lager too - a double lager, apparently - and we'd wager they'll be making more of it soon. Just give the pig a monocle and feather in his cap and we'll call it quits, guys.

Strong hoppy lager
34 IBU
Moon Dog

17 Duke Street
VIC 3067

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