Moon Dog Bock Naked

Moon Dog

Published September 19, 2013

It's all go at Moon Dog these days. The brewery is expanding - mainly so they can fill more tanks with Love Tap, they're looking to invest in lots of new gear, are about the launch their first annual "Jumping The Shark" beer and have big plans for the brewery itself too. Amongst that, they're still knocking out the odd beer too, odd in all senses, obviously. Latest cab off the rank is Bock Naked, a "Dry Chipotle'd" strong German style lager. And dark it certainly is, a barely see through deep brown with a crema like head that on the nose could pass for a porter. In fact, the same could be said for the initial taste as a wave of chocolate leads the charge. That's followed by a savoury perfume wafting over the tongue, paving the way for the heat to bring up the rear. There's plenty of that back palate heat too, but not so much that it's unpleasant (unless you hate chillis in which case you're a bloody idiot for buying the beer in the first place). In fact, it brings to mind these Tango soft drink ads from 90s Britain because after a few mouthfuls of Bock Naked, "You knoooooow when you've been dry chipotle'd."

Chipotle'd Bock

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