Moon Dog Bjorn To Boogie

Moon Dog

Published January 16, 2014

It's almost as if they knew the heatwave was coming... For their latest release, Moon Dog has returned to the fruit bowl and, vaguely, to the scene of one of their earlier adventures. Some of you may recall the Magnificent Mullet series of beers that saw Mel(on) Gibson, MacGuava and Billy Ray Citrus star as fruity, wheaty, tarty ales. Foregoing the temptation to forge an ancestral thread through the beers by releasing a Limey Citrus (a beer that would no doubt require more twerking than tweaking), they have instead created the Watermelon Weizen, a wheat beer brewed with additions of watermelon, lime and fresh mint at various points. Refreshing as an ice cube down your neck or a permanent gag on the gobs of Slats and Heals during the height of summer, you'll find some fruit aromas up front before the yeast (more in the spicy, clovey wheat vein than banana-y) takes over. It's maltily sweet, then wheatily dry before winding up with an almost Mojito-like freshness. Just right for a 40-plus heatwave, in fact.

Watermelon Weizen
11 IBU

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