Cheeky Monkey Milk of the Hoppy

Cheeky Monkey

Released September 18, 2014

It would seem that we’re among a very small number of people not to have watched Game of Thrones (more The Wire sorts here, although Mrs Pint has suffered a few sleepless nights and sought reassurances that everything is OK with the world after becoming hooked; something to do with a Red Wedding, apparently…). So the chances are that all of you will know that the latest seasonal from Cheeky Monkey in Margaret River is a reference to said boobies-and-violence saga. “They call opium Milk of the Poppy,” says brewer Alex Poulsen. “I don’t think there’s enough hop puns out there yet.” The punny beer may well be the hoppiest yet to leave his brewery too, being an Imperial IPA “gratuitously hopped” with Topaz, Centennial, Mosaic and Amarillo. So if you’d like to unleash a Battle of the Trident on your taste buds, you know where to look. (Are we doing this right? If not, suggestions on a postcard to…)

Imperial IPA
Cheeky Monkey

4259 Caves Rd
Margaret River
WA 6285

Brewery: (08) 9755 9555; Rest: (08) 9755 5555
Open Hours

10-6 everyday, except Christmas / Good Friday and before 12pm on Anzac Day


Whenever the brewer isn't grumpy or when the assistant brewer is here.

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