Australian Brewery Saison D'Heretique (Retired)

Esker Beer Co

Published March 3, 2015

Brewer Neal Cameron's take on the French / Belgian farmhouse style crosses borders by blending French and Belgian yeasts to create a suitably complex beer – one with a big character too. For while the saison style is one that's typically subtle and not "big" in the sense of, say, a hopped up IPA or big stout, this one holds little back. The aroma coming from its towering, fluffy white head is awash with herbal characteristics, and with green peppercorn and clove too, while the malt sweetness is balanced by a distinctly dry and spicy finish, with plenty of lemon citrus flavours to enjoy along the way too. Upon first release It proved popular with just about everyone that let it pass through their lips, so it was welcome news when the brewery decided to add the Saison D'Heretique to their permanent lineup. For fans of Belgian styles who haven't tried this beer, it's well worth hunting down a few of the ornate Joan of Arc decorated cans.

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