Aether Brewing Black As Your Heart IPA

Aether Brewing

There’s plenty of talk about the absurdity of the name, Black India Pale Ale. How can it be black and pale at the same time? This same confusion sometimes translates to the experience of drinking a black IPA, when the flavours can clash and vie for centre stage.

But something intriguing takes place when you drink this brew. The fruitiness of the hops and the roastiness of the malts seem comfortable side by side. This hybrid beverage enters your lips as a tropical IPA, but slides down your throat as a chocolatey, slightly smokey stout.

As one Untappd user put it: “Feels like I'm having a mango in front of a camp fire on Christmas holidays.” And if that nostalgic experience isn’t one you’d chase you may be dead inside.

Mick Wust

Black IPA
70 IBU
Aether Brewing

340 Melton Road
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