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Little Bang Brewing

Published August 14, 2018

There might be debate as to whether the Little Bang duo, a pair that moved from designing video game characters to beers, are nerds or geeks, but a desire to put Ira on a can suggests they know where they sit. According to the label, the bespectacled redhead "doesn't go for sports, he's not interested in the school disco, but you should see his collection of vintage Spiderman."

It's their inimitable way of saying an India red ale might not be the coolest beer style around, "but beyond the socks and sandals, Ira's having freaky thrills we can barely understand." Theirs is a one that's evolved over time too; still red and stacking the specialty malts and hops up high, but with a distinct Turkish Delight quality now joining the ginger hued partay. It sits there with plenty of toffee like malt flavours, accompanied by a drying and lingering bitterness, rather than alone, other than that collection of Spiderman toys.

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