Black Hops Mid Range

Black Hops Brewing

Published March 26, 2019

The hoppy pale ale has become the staple of many breweries, and for good reason: done well, it’s a cracking style. Black Hops’ Pale Ale is one particular beauty, coming in at 4.8 percent ABV with a wallop of hops. But it still leaves room for a lighter option for those times you're looking to knock back a few and need to keep your wits about you.

Enter Mid Range. It’s Black Hops’ mid-strength pale ale, a beer that shares some of the hop bill (and thus the flavours) with their Pale, but comes in at an easy 3.5 percent. Mango and pawpaw sit at the front with a citrus edge, but a slight grain character shows up at the end of each sip. The body and bitterness are both notably present for a mid-strength, leaving you satisfied that you’re drinking something of quality, and yet ready to crack another one straight away. It's just the thing to fill the fridge – although don’t be surprised if it doesn’t stay full for long.

Mick Wust

35 IBU
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