Margaret River Brewhouse Inside Out IPA

Margaret River Brewhouse

Published May 18, 2020

When Margaret River Brewhouse isn’t busy pumping out their core range beer for locals and thirsty, holiday-making punters visiting the idyllic South West, they fill their spare time and tanks with limited release, one-off beers. Inside Out is one such offering: a juicy, single hop IPA inspired by the West Coast IPAs of California and loaded with a whole heap of Strata.

Brewed in collaboration with Grain Cru (Cellarbrations Carlisle), Inside Out is loaded with dank, resinous hop character thanks to use of said hops for bittering, a lengthy post-boil addition and not one, but two separate dry hops. Big, persistent aromatics of passionfruit, stone fruit and sweet, gummy berry persist, while a rich, copper-hued base and 6.5 percent ABV give length to the finish and carry lasting flavours of bitter melon, grapefruit and refreshing herbal characteristics.

The team at Brewhouse set out to make a single hop shine in the form of a West Coast style IPA and surpassed all expectations by throwing down a bold example of what such a singular focus can achieve. Topping it off, they levelled up by wrapping the tin in an eye-catching label from Zendoke that features Grain Cru pup Jordie and "a lightshow from planet COVID-19".

Jono Outred

Single Hop IPA
47 IBU

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