Ballistic Beer IPA

Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury

Published June 3, 2020

When it comes to limited releases, Ballistic put out hoppy beers aplenty - juice boxes, haze bombs, and bitter beasts. Between pale ales, IPAs and hopped-up variations of just about any style you could hope for, Ballistic have hops coming out the wazoo, often accompanied by higher ABVs.

When it comes to their core range, however, Ballistic focuses on sessionability and wallet-friendly prices for punters. Which means their IPA isn’t the biggest and baddest in town; it’s more like that buddy you want to hang out with for hours at a time.

With a nice medium body, it starts you off on light tropical fruits, pineapple and citrus, before settling into pine resin. But don’t expect something thick and resinous - this isn’t a meal in itself. It’s more of a dry pine, with a lick of bitterness and a savoury bite.

Mick Wust


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