Margaret River Brewhouse 8 Ball DIPA

Margaret River Brewhouse

Published July 15, 2020

When Margaret River Brewhouse grace us with one of their limited release brews, it’s often akin to being walloped across the face with a sucker punch, whether that's in the shape of a big stout, a puckering sour or a wall of hops. 8 Ball Double IPA fits in the last of those categories: an 8.2 percent ABV, 60-plus IBU hop bomb.

American in style and resinous by design, 8 Ball is a full-flavoured, big-bodied IPA of days gone by. The Margaret River Brewhouse team are brave enough to drop such a style in the current haze and oat driven climate, not holding back when adding stacks of Citra, Columbus and Simcoe hops to yield thick layers of citrus, pine, mouth-drying astringency and a familiar dank edge. A burnt-orange hue and some needed viscosity is a result of an extensive malt bill that lends length and notes of caramel, underpinning and bringing balance to an otherwise supremely hoppy ale.

I sampled the second batch of this fan favourite created with the Grain Cru team in Perth, which might require a third reiteration sooner rather than later thanks to the feverish response of WA hopheads.

Jono Outred

Double IPA
60-plus IBU
Margaret River Brewhouse

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