Moon Dog Drew Berrymore

Moon Dog

Published February 25, 2021

It's anniversary week at Moon Dog. On Tuesday evening they lined long tables in the shadow of the brewery at their World in Preston for a dinner marking the tenth release of Black Lung (of which more soon); now here comes the tenth beer in their Magnificent Mullet series.

As much as anything, Drew Berrymore is testament to their ability to find enough famous people with mullets (or, in this case, longish hair at the back) and names that can be punned (punneted?) into something fruity. In Drew's case, the berries come in the shape of blueberries and raspberries, and it's a combo that seems to work to smooth out the extremes of each so they meet somewhere in the middle.

From the lurid blood red liquid rises a lactobacillus-softened berry aroma that brings to mind an açai bowl (I'm sure I had one once when trying to be healthy). The blueberries keeps things from becoming as sweet as straight raspberries can, without being allowed to get too earthy or sharp themselves. The end result is a lot like Drew Barrymore herself: sweetly refreshing with a flicker or mischief lurking within.

James Smith

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