Moon Dog In The Crumble: Blackberry Edition

Moon Dog

Published July 30, 2021

Moon Dog have long drawn inspiration for their beers from things that aren't very close to beer at all, so it shouldn't be surprising that when they release dessert-inspired drop they tend to be fairly faithful recreations. As well as being wonderfully named, their In The Crumble, The Might Crumble series has always been impressively close to drinking an apple crumble and, in the case of the Berry Edition of 2020, apple crumble with blackberry and raspberry. For 2021, the last of those has been dropped so blackberry can take centre stage - well, close to centre anyway, with this beer still featuring apple too.

With a deep red colour, that blackberry certainly comes to mind as soon as the beer’s poured and leads the charge on the flavour front too, combining quite harmoniously with its upfront tartness. But apple does make itself known and is immediately joined by cinnamon and a smooth hit of vanilla, which let the beer's sweeter notes sing out at the end. A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh.

Will Ziebell

Dessert Sour
Moon Dog

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