Heroes and Villains Certified Strong Summer Ale

Heroes and Villains

Published January 24, 2022

When embarking on a collaboration it’s often best to draw from each contributor's world when creating something new. Here, when comedian Rory Lowe was asked what his ideal beer style was, he cited those of the affable summer / Pacific ale variety. The stage suitably set, Heroes and Villains have delivered – with a mischievous wink – a 9 percent ABV version of such a beer in support of Rory's Perth Fringe Festival show, Certified Funny Boy.

Pouring dense orange, attendees will be met by Moutere’s aromatic tropical and stone fruit cloud rising above the glass, which continues through tasting, where you'll find peach in particular alongside juicy OJ. True to concept, Certified keeps the bitterness low, while hints of the Boss kveik strain's earthiness and the substantial alcohol content skulk around, the latter no doubt enhancing many Certified Funny Boy laughs.

Guy Southern

Imperial Summer Ale

Certified is available at all Rory Lowe Perth Fringe World shows at the Rechabite

And from Heroes and Villains stockists and direct.

Heroes and Villains

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