Heroes and Villains Cosmo Nova Cocktail Sour

Heroes and Villains

Published March 21, 2023

Heroes and Villains founder Shannon Mizen’s previous cocktail-inspired sour took inspiration from Scandinavia; as he returns to the concept, however, his eyes are set on straight-up NYC with Cosmo Nova. While the origins of the cranberry juice-based Cosmopolitan are disputed, there's little doubt that a Y2K HBO series about four single New York women helped make it iconic.

Semi-industrial Osbourne Park is a far cry from New York's bars, yet that hasn't stopped the Villains muddling, shaking and straining cranberry, lime and orange peel into a tart riff that plays with the concept without flamboyance. The result is one designed for repeated and refreshing afternoon sipping rather than one and done.

Now, where are those martini glasses?

Guy Southern

Cocktail Sour
Heroes and Villains

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Osborne Park
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