Beers Out Back

It took Ben Carwyn longer than he hoped to add a bar to his Thornbury store. But, as its first birthday approaches, the Backroom Bar at Carwyn Cellars has already become something of a north Melbourne institution.

Beer Travel: The Scottish Isles

The outer reaches of Scotland are among the most beautiful places on the planet. Wandering writer Bert Spinks visited a number of its isles, checking out the breweries as he went.

Beer Nuts: The Beer Drinkers

Beertography has become quite the thing. And few, is any, Aussies are doing it as well as The Beer Drinkers, two mates from Hobart and Melbourne – our latest Beer Nuts.

Beer Travel: Ballarat

It's taken its sweet time but Ballarat is finally developing a beer scene worthy of the name. In advance of the opening of Hop Temple, Ballarat beer lover Clayton Morrison rounds up the city's craftiest spots.

Throwing Open Their Robe

South Australia's newest microbrewery sees historical brewing return to Robe Town as a Latvian couple open the doors of one of the country's most unlikely breweries.

Tall Story

A noble goal, unfettered ignorance, vitriol, unpleasantness, dismay and, ultimately, rebirth and redemption. The remarkable story of Tasmania's Two Metre Tall.

Pirates Plunder The West

Last night's Perth Royal Beer Show awards saw home state brewers win big. And even the trophies that went outside the state had strong WA connections.

Art Meets Science Meets Art

Inspired by their Hand Crafted events across the country, Cavalier has launched the Art Series: a range of beer labels showcasing local street artists.

Smiles All Round

Smiling Samoyed, Prancing Pony and Vale Brewing were all smiles after taking out the major trophies at the 2015 Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards

The Original Craft Brewer

In the week that Coopers launched its 2015 Vintage Ale, we look at how the 153-year-old family business continues to plough its own furrow as the country's longest established craft brewery.

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Fresh Harvest Frenchies 2024
Ten Years Of Cheers

Two stalwarts of the Victorian beer industry celebrated a decade of brewing in recent weeks. Here, Bridge Road and Red Hill look back on ten years of beers and cheers.

Getting Into The Spirit

Marrickville's Batch Brewing Company has teamed up with Rosebery spirit producer Archie Rose to create a rye IPA and a rye spirit distilled from the same beer.

No Place Like Home

Eight months after it started brewing operations, Young Henrys Beer Farm in WA is breaking away from Young Henrys to become a separate entity.

Grifting Into The Unknown

Three years after they started brewing as guests of Young Henrys, the Grifter Brewing Company is opening its own brewery in Marrickville.

Crafty Pubs Dominate Sydney Pub Awards

A host of Sydney's best craft beer venues took out most of the awards at the second Time Out Sydney Pub Awards, with Dove & Olive collecting Best Pub and Publican of the Year.

Wayward Brewer Puts Down Roots

Having won fans and awards in its short lifetime, NSW brewing company Wayward will be a gypsy no more after building its own brewery in Annandale.

Craft Beer Heroes: Steve & Guy

In advance of the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular hitting Melbourne and Sydney, we find out what drives its founders, who also run The Local Taphouses, to aim so high.

Brew & A: Barossa Valley Brewing

Our latest Brew & A focuses on the new face heading up brewing at one of South Australia's longest-established micros, Barossa Valley Brewing.

Who Brews Captain Bligh's Colonial Ale?

Brewing has returned to Hobart's Tasmanian Brewery Building with the launch of Captain Bligh's, a purveyor of traditional ales and ciders. And jam.

Beer Nuts: Beardface

Late last year, we kicked off a new series of features on The Crafty Pint called Beer Nuts, which shines a light on some of the most colourful beer lovers found in Australia – those that take their passion…

Craftifying Malaysia

A few years back, a Victorian beer lover we'd met at several beer events headed to Kuala Lumpur to join family members in building the country's first ever craft beer venue. The idea was to bring the delights…

Beers of 2014: ACT

Our final look at the best new brews of 2014 visits ACT where Adrian Moran selects the five beers that impressed him most.

Beers of 2014: South Australia

What were the best new craft brews of 2014 in South Australia? For our sixth state by state rundown we turn to the gurus at The Wheaty for answers.

Best of 2014: New South Wales

As the year nears its end, time for the fifth of our state by state looks at the best new beers released by Australian brewers in 2014: New South Wales.

Beers of 2014: Queensland

The fourth of our state-based picks of some of the best new craft beers to be released in Australia comes from Queensland, courtesy of Darren from 250 Beers.

Beers of 2014: Victoria

Which new brews from Victorian breweries tickled our fancy the most in 2014? The third of our state-by-state top tens focuses on the state where The Crafty Pint began.

Beers of 2014: Western Australia

What were the best new beers of 2014 in WA? We asked Pia "girl plus beer" Poynton, who also masquerades as Crafty Pint WA to select her 10 top tipples.

Beers of 2014: Tasmania

Who brewed the best new beers in Tasmania in 2014? We asked beer expert and owner of Saint John Craft Beer, Luke Dempsey. to pick his top ten local brews.

The Year in Beer 2013: Victoria and Western Australia

For our final look back at the year that was we posed questions to some faces old and new in the country’s two craft beer big hitters, Victoria and WA (although NSW is coming up fast on the rails…). Among…

The Year in Beer 2013: New South Wales & South Australia

The second of our end of year roundups heads to New South Wales and South Australia, where the thoughts and hopes of Crafty Pint’s men in each state are joined by those of the folks behind Newcastle’s…

Goat Rocky IIPA
Darker Days 2024
The Year in Beer 2013: Queensland & Tasmania

It’s been another huge year for craft beer in Australia. But you don’t need us to tell you that – we do it pretty much incessantly day in, day out. So, as in previous years, we thought we’d invite…

James Halliday Article - Stout Advice

With our next piece for James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine sent off to the publishers today, it seems a good time to dust down another of our features for the mag. What’s more, our latest dip…

Starting a Brewery: The Boatrocker Story Pt IV

Well, we were expecting to be running this article well before now – as the owners of Boatrocker Brewery would have been, no doubt. But, as seems to be the way with even the best planned brewery, it…

Drinking In Style: Saisons

Want to know a little more about the beers you love? Then read on, as Crafty’s resident “beer dork” Chris Brady (his words, not ours) kicks off what will be regular features looking at the beers of the world. Kicking it off is a look at saisons.

James Halliday Article: The Year In Beer 2012

Upon launching in 2011, James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine asked The Crafty Pint to pen an article on the story of Australian craft beer. Since then, they’ve continued to support the local craft…

Crafty's Year In Beer

We’ve been around the houses, gathering the reflections of brewers, beer sellers and writers from around Australia, for our Year in Bear 2012 review. So that means there’s just one place left to look:…

The Year In Beer 2012: Tasmania

As anyone who’s spent time in the bars and pubs of Hobart, in the company of the state’s band of brewers of attended any of the many festivals with craft beer either at their heart or with a prominent…

The Year In Beer 2012: NSW

Is the sleeping giant finally waking? It might seem a churlish thing to say when New South Wales has been home to the Lord Nelson’s brewery for a quarter century (pictured above) and counts the likes…

The Year In Beer 2012: WA

Western Australia: it’s to craft beer in Australia what Iraq is to human civilisation. Home to dozens of craft breweries, including some of the country’s very best, as well as some spectacular bottleshops…

Starting A Brewery: The Boatrocker Story Pt III

Over the past few months, we’ve been bringing you the story behind the development of the forthcoming Boatrocker Brewery. Many of you will know Boatrocker’s beers, such as Alpha Queen and Hoppbier,…

Lallemand 1
Bintani- Updated Behind The Brew- E
The Year In Beer 2012: Queensland

It’s not too long ago that, during one of our regular discussions with the founder of Australian Brews News, we were admonished for the use of the phrase “craft beer revolution”. Being a generally…

The Year In Beer 2012: Victoria

Where else to start our end of year round up for 2012 than in the place where The Crafty Pint started just over two years ago – not to mention the place that has taken the craft beer baton and run with…

Starting A Brewery: The Boatrocker Story Part II

At the start of the month, we kicked off a mini-series featuring Boatrocker Brewing and the tale of how founder Matt Houghton and his wife Andrea have set about moving from home brewing to owning a brewery.…

Starting a Brewery: The Boatrocker Story

Ever wondered what it’s like to undertake the journey from home brewer to commercial brewer? As he stands on the verge of commissioning his own brewery, Matt Houghton, co-founder of the Boatrocker Brewing…

Malaysia's Taps Takeover

Despite the rapid growth in the local craft beer market in recent years, we still tend to get a little excited when a venue away from the capitals eschews the financial incentives of tap contracts and…

Malaysian Invasion

Readers of The Crafty Pint’s Friday newsletter may recall plans for a craft beer bar in Kuala Lumpur serving a selection of Aussie and Kiwi beers. The brainchild of two Malaysian brothers who developed…

Year In Beer: WA & QLD

So, just time for the final look back on 2011 before you all go and crack something special for Hogmanay. And as a festive treat, it’s a two states in one bonanza. OK, so we did pose the questions to…

The Year In Beer: TAS

With the Tasmanian Beerfest, the most southerly state lays claim to the biggest-by-numbers beer festival in Australia and, with the Tasmanian Micro Brew Fest, it has events that continue to shine a focus…

The Year In Beer: SA

As the end of the year draws ever closer, time for another look back on 2011, this time in the company of some of the movers and shakers in the South Australian craft beer scene.First up is Al Turnbull,…

The Year In Beer: NSW

This year appears to be the one in which the sleeping giant of NSW began to stir. Sure, the Lord Nelson has been banging the craft beer drum for a quarter century, The Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst has…