Temple Saison (Retired)

Temple Brewing

One of the beers that put Temple on the craft beer map when they were operating as gypsy brewers - making their beers on other people's breweries. A flavoursome and complex take on a style that's becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Saisons are traditional farmhouse beers originating in parts of France and southern Belgium. The Temple take is pale and cloudy with a light orange hue and a dense rocky head. The aroma is full of fruit and spice with a noticeable yeast character, with unmalted spelt (one of the world's oldest cultivated grains) lending a dry note to both the aroma and flavour. The use of spices including coriander, authentic Belgian orange peel and an exotic Brazilian pepper adds a further level of complexity to a beer that's dry, refreshing and slightly funky - and one that we're glad is back.

25 IBU
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