Moo Brew Harvest Ale 2013

Moo Brew

Published April 11, 2013

The team from Moo has been leaping the fence at nearby Bushy Park once again* to pilfer a load of fresh hops for its annual Harvest Ale release. This time around they bundled a swag of Summer and Willamette hops back to the brewery near Hobart where they were used to create a robust brown ale. As they explain: "In using fresh, wet hops, the aroma is slightly resinous, with tangerine and tropical fruit elements. Due to the seasonal variations, the hop flavour and bitterness is always different." What's more, they add: "Given the unknowns when brewing this Harvest Ale, all we can guarantee is an interesting beer." Given it's master technicians we're dealing with here, expect it to be rather well made too.

(*OK, so they were invited to pick the hops, but we like the idea of OJ in bandit's mask crawling through the bines at dead of night on a secretive mission so we're sticking with it.)

Fresh Hop Brown Ale

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