Moo Brew Mango Peach Sour

Moo Brew

Published May 9, 2022

There’s something about the combination of mango and peach that makes the two fruits just work in beer. Largely, it stems from them hitting the sweet spot of being quite, well, sweet, along with possessing a fleshy juiciness and an underlying acidity. This harmony has been celebrated by Moo Brew, with the Tassie brewery bringing the two fruits together for Mango Peach Sour.

The 3.8 percent ABV sour is designed with refreshment in mind, with a low bitterness, slight tartness and sparkling effervescence all combining to make the sour particularly quaffable. When it comes to the two fruits, both meld together to really blend into one quite seamlessly, with neither taking primacy over the other. Mango and peach: it’s a beer love story for the modern age.

Will Ziebell

Mango & Peach Sour
Moo Brew

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