Moo Brew & Forty Spotted Boilermaker – Pilsner X Pink Gin

Moo Brew

Published February 28, 2021

In October 2020, Moo Brew created a boilermaker-in-can with Lark, blending their IPA with the latter's single malt whisky; now, they've done it again, combining pilsner and pink gin with Lark's gin offshoot Forty Spotted.

The fact it contains “pink gin” (not to mention the colour of the cans) might have you expecting a beer with a blush, but it looks just like their standard pilsner: perfectly clear and golden. Move it close to your face, however, and the fruits – or should that be flowers – of the collaboration become instantly apparent.

The botanicals create a perfume, mirrored in the flavours that follow, which Crafty team members variously liken to hibiscus and rose, potpourri and Turkish Delight, plus the quintessential juniper and a little grapefruit. The biscuity, freshly baked bread malt character and a little bitterness remind you it's a beer in your glass, albeit one as left of centre as the concept itself.

Will Ziebell

Pink Gin Pilsner
Moo Brew

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