Moo Brew Seasonal Stout 2013

Moo Brew

Published June 13, 2013

On a tour of Moo's brewery just before it became operational, head brewer OJ was at his most animated when showing off the waste water treatment system. This isn't to say he has any unpleasant foibles, more that he's a real technician when it comes to brewing, someone fascinated by the finest of details and determined to turn out clean, tight beers.

It explains why everything that comes out of the Tassie brewery tends to be so immaculate and of a consistency the big breweries would admire - even something as big and bold as the Seasonal Stout.

This annual release is a true Aussie craft beer classic: a silky yet intense affair that's rich with dark chocolate and roast coffee flavours and packs a dry, bitter finish. It's been tagged the Velvet Sledgehammer and with good reason: its smooth facade hides the eight per cent alcohol so well that you'll be on your back if you're not careful.

This copy first appeared as a Thirsty Thursday on the Smith Journal website.

Moo Brew

76a Cove Hill Road Bridgewater
TAS 7030

(03) 6263 7773