Wildflower Year Old 'Tah (2017)


Published November 15, 2018

Well aren’t they just the pack of sneaky zymurgists at Wildflower. When they released the first Waratah in 2017 they claimed there were only so many bottles in existence. And to be fair they were, technically, telling the truth. They just neglected to mention they’d also rolled a full barrel out back, out of sight and mind. Twelve months on, with a full extra year in oak under its belt, they’ve given the old beer a new release under the name Year Old ‘Tah.

If you can recall the original version (or have been holding onto a bottle), this is quite a different beer. The first seems somewhat simpler in comparison, angling more towards a fresh citrus character and a moderate acidity upon which the yeast plays. Year Old ‘Tah starts off in a similar manner – that familiar fresh citrus palate and a fairly sharp acidity – but there’s loads more complexity falling in behind; oak, savoury, spice and a more intriguing yeast profile. But there’s still a real sense of creaminess on the palate which leads into the kind of body that calls out for company – either a friend or a block of cheese.

In broad terms, Year Old ‘Tah perhaps feels a little closer to Wildflower’s nascent Foudre beer series than it does to the signature Gold blend, a project that’s still in the earliest stages of its development and you sense has a lot to offer yet. On that note, this particular bottle feels likes it’ll give plenty back if you set it aside. Although you best be quick if you want that opportunity because, this time, there really aren’t very many bottles around.

Nick Oscilowski

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