Wildflower Slip Slop Slap


Published November 15, 2018

You could argue most of Wildflower’s beers are suited for summer. Without exception, they operate within the well established bounds of acceptable ABV – somewhere in the five percent range but often lower. And a great many of them are acidic, a characteristic easily interchangeable with “refreshing” – a desired characteristic from beer consumed in an often oppressively hot climate. But every now and then the brewer/blender throws out something that feels like it has a little more grunt and bite. Into that fold steps their summer release, named for the famous UV protection campaign: Slip, Slop, Slap.

It welcomes you by immersing you in bucketloads of delightfully fresh, fruity and citrusy flavours. There’s more bitterness and hop character than you might ordinarily expect from a Wildflower beer but it’s delivered in a way that remains juicy and clean, light and dry, sour and – yes – refreshing. Then it’s topped off with a head that’s impressively lush, floating on top like milk on a cappuccino. Oh, for a world where more summer ales were like this.

Nick Oscilowski

Australian Wild Ale

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