Little Bang Brewing 12,000 Hazy IPAs

Little Bang Brewing

Published January 12, 2021

In 2020, a plethora of limited release IPAs were discharged into the wild: straight IPAs, hazy IPAs, IIPAs, oat cream IPAs, sour oat cream IPAs; hop fiends were spoilt for choice. Many arrived with quirky names, eye-catching labels and diverse hop combinations.

As the year came to a close, the team at Little Bang decided to release 12,000 of them at once – the same hazy IPA but each with a unique name and label. You can read how it came about here, with brewery co-founder Ryan Davidson's algorithm throwing up names such as Hazy Capsicum Pleasure, Asymmetrical Pirate Conspiracy, Chewable Zombie Content, Slippery Antelope Jazz, Spicy Cardigan Voodoo, Cheeky Bingo Cake, Alarming Alligator Officer, Complicated Dingo Science…

When it comes to the actual liquid, the fun pours from the glass in golden, moderately hazy fashion. There's a little sweetness on the nose, taking the stone fruit path alongside a little pine and grass, while the medium body supports a sweet peach fruitiness, as well as a little biscuit malt and moire pine. It's a pretty easy-drinking affair – certainly easier than the process by which it came about – wrapped up with a low bitterness and light, dry finish.

Matt King

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