Gage Roads Party Wave

Gage Roads

Published October 14, 2021

Gage Roads' entrance into kettle sours surfs a vibrant, stone fruit rush that’s very likely to feature in beachside activity as the weather warms. Party Wave sees them ready to bathe in the session sour space that shows no signs of slowing. Using Philly Sour – a yeast that produces moderate lactic acid notes – the beer hits with a natural zing which has its own stone fruit character on display.

But the festivities are really all about Australian apricot and peach (lots of them too) and they don't just bring a full fruit profile but also pulse with colour as you pour Party Wave into your glass. As we race towards the end of 2021, it's best to think of this limited release as exactly the kind of summer many will be hoping for: bright, colourful and fun. In other words, a party wave in a can.

Guy Southern

Fruited Sour

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