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Gage Roads

Published October 9, 2020

Three things should be clear from this release. Firstly, Gage Roads like XPAs. Secondly, Sabro hops have a strong personality. And thirdly, judging by the label, surfing may give you green hair. Alas, one of these things is not true, and it’s not the first two.

For this release, Gage Roads have partnered with SurfVisuals, which will see part of the proceeds from sales of The Bay go to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI), a Taronga Blue not for profit program which focuses on marine waste, clean up and ocean health.

And, with the beach in mind, there’s a breezy approach to the beer. Stone fruit leads, with one fellow taster of this shared sample commenting on the pleasing, childhood nostalgia of tinned peach aromas that soon dance with Sabro’s coconut cream and faint mint on the tongue. What you end up with is a very sessionable, lean-bodied beer, the colour and clarity of which would challenge many a lager.

Guy Southern


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