Gage Roads Cheeky Pash

Gage Roads

Published October 5, 2022

With can art reminiscent of Ken Done fabric swatches, and contents a mere slug of white rum and West Coast Wine Cooler away from an 80s party punch, Cheeky Pash is a beer simply begging you enjoy the moment.

Picking up from 2021's well-received Party Wave, here Gage Roads allow the Philly Sour yeast strain’s lightly acidic nature to weave its way through Australian mango cheeks and passionfruit; the fruity pair’s tartness carry much of the depth of character, leaving Cheeky Pash blushing with fruity fun.

Given Cheeky Pash will likely be consumed beachside, a portion of the profits from every can sold are being donated towards the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI), a key program coordinated by marine not-for-profit Tangaroa Blue, as part of an ongoing partnership with the Freo brewery.?

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