White Bay Groovy Rhythm

White Bay Beer Co

Published November 26, 2021

Look, I'm a big fan of White Bay's beers, and indeed the people leading their brew team, but I have to admit I'm not so sure about the name of this hazy IPA. I dunno about you, but Groovy Rhythm has me thinking of some godawful BBC radio host with an afternoon drivetime show back in the 80s trying to get down with the kids, or a Stock Aitken & Watermen-penned, perm-wearing chart hit, even if the word "Groovy" on its own will forever be associated with Ash and his chainsaw arm in Evil Dead II and, as a result, the Shamen's excellently hypnotic 90s dance track Hyperreal.

A better place to start with the beer is the label: the vibrant rainforest scene is a handy precursor for the ladles of tropical fruit derived from Mosaic, Zamba and Vic Secret hops that come served with a creaminess of texture, an accented trill of lime, a coconut milkiness, and a swirl of chewy pineapple curd. In fact, such is the array on offer, it's as if whatever you remember from the previous sip and sniff is gone when you return, with another fruity aroma there to take its place. Groovy.

James Smith

Hazy IPA
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