White Bay Beer Co Thick Of Things IPA

White Bay Beer Co

Published September 16, 2020

When an IPA has the name "Thick Of Things" written on the front of the can, it might give the impression the flavours within will be frantic and frenetic. But the fifth IPA from White Bay doesn’t contain chaos; it’s the antidote to it. Everything is in harmony in this hazy.

A nose full of syrupy tinned fruit salad opens up to more distinct fruits in the mouth - pineapple and peach and pulpy orange juice - with restrained sweetness. Flaked oats keep Thick Of Things fluffy and light with a gentle tingle of carbonation, while the use of Cryo hops helps ensures there’s not a touch of astringency to be found - everything is smooth, smooth, smooth.

It can be a little concerning when a 6.3 percent IPA is this easy to drink, but it’s hard to be worried when a hazy finishes so clean. Drink responsibly, drink in moderation, etc… but you’ll definitely want to drink more than one of these.

Mick Wust

Hazy IPA
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