The Wheaty SchwartzHopf

Moo Brew

Published June 17, 2013

To mark 10 years as a venue many knowledgeable types will tell you is the best beer bar in Oz, the ladies at The Wheaty headed south to Moo Brew for a three-way collaboration with two of their favourite breweries / stalking victims: Moo and Mountain Goat. They took over the older, smaller of the two Moo breweries and set about creating a hoppy, black pilsner. The thinking behind it, according to the Wheatsters, was: "No 10% ABV, 10 Malts, 10 Hop additions, 100 IBU business for us in our 10th year ' we liked the idea of a little beer with big flavour (just like us). Anti-Superhero if you like, but with enough hops and style bending to unsettle a Moo; enough cold fermentation to lager a Goat and enough chirp to get the Wheaty spanked..."

The result is something "smooth, dry, roasty, herbal & bitter", which was originally called "Weizeny Zehnter Jahrestag SCHWARTZHOPF LARGER mit Muhen und Ziege" (or, if the Crafty German is up to scratch Wheaty Tenth Birthday Black Hop Lager with Moo and Goat). Thankfully this has since been shortened to SchwartzHopf'. You can read more about it in our story here or just head to The Wheaty to sample it. (There may be some going to Goat and Moo too - we'll let you know if and when...)

Black Pilsner
60 IBU

The Wheaty

Moo Brew

76a Cove Hill Road Bridgewater
TAS 7030

(03) 6263 7773