Barossa Valley Brewing Choc Cherry Barrel Aged Stout

Barossa Valley Brewing

Published May 20, 2016

Originally brewed for GABS 2016, the Choc Cherry Barrel Aged Stout underwent a few transformations as it matured. The initial choc cherry stout base beer was brewed in collaboration with the team from Adelaide bar NOLA. This was then tweaked before being fed into port barrels to obtain added flavours. After GABS, the remaining stout stayed in barrels until it was ready to be unleashed once more on the world.

The long maturation process has resulted in a depth of flavours, with this rich, midnight black beer producing sweet, chocolate and rum like aromas. The cherries pop out too and have become a bolder element of the flavour as the beer has aged. The mouthfeel is silky and creamy mouthfeel with the fruit accompanied by a gentle sweetness and roasted grain flavours.

Matt King

Barrel Aged Cherry Stout
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