Barossa Valley Brewing COWIT-20

Barossa Valley Brewing

Published June 3, 2020

Sometimes when the world is all doom and gloom, we need a little bit of fun in our lives, a little reminder to look at a situation as glass half full. Cue Barossa Valley’s latest, COWIT-20, a spiced herb beer that looks to shine a light on the positives that have come from the pandemic. Positives such as fuel dropping to under a dollar a litre [And the fact we barely need to use it – Editor], pollution noticeably improving in some cities, wildlife returning to otherwise empty canals and streams – not to mention our newfound respect for healthcare workers, nurses and teachers. The Barossa Valley team are sure punters will have more to add to the list too – let the positivity flow.

COWIT-20 is lively, light and sprightly, pouring yellow with a billowing white head. Herbaceous, spicy and earthy aromas are prominent with a slight tinge of orange peel and a hint of saison esters. Wheat mixes with the aforementioned spicy, earthy and herbaceous notes to taste, with the orange again making a subtle appearance. An easy-drinker for when… well, for when that’s all you can do.

Matt King

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