Barossa Valley & Friends Limoncello Sour & Lotus Pale

Barossa Valley Brewing

Published March 17, 2023

The folks at Barossa Valley are always working alongside local artisan producers, with Ambra Spirits joining the gang here. They're South Australian spirit producers that use old Italian recipes passed down over generations. For Limoncello Sour, their Limoncello was added to a lightly soured base beer, bringing bright, zesty lemons to the party. The rind comes through on the nose alongside a little rosemary, while there's some initial syrupy lemon sweetness within the light body which harmonises nicely with the gentle sour tartness, alongside a little wheat and a dry finish.

Continuing in the same collaborational vein, Ellerslie Hops joined them for a showcase of Lotus hops. They present some unique characteristics: light lemongrass and strawberry mixed with apricot on the nose. There's a slight creaminess which works well with the low bitterness and fleshy, somewhat juicy, apricot that takes over proceedings. It makes Lotus Pale a hazy that's both light and easy-drinking.

Matt King

Limoncello Sour & Hazy Pale
5.0% & 5.8%
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