Moo Brew Berliner Weisse

Moo Brew

Published February 14, 2020

Moo Brew’s limited release series that kicked off last year haven’t just been about giving the world more of their balanced, dialled in beers but have also featured a run of madcap promotional campaigns. We’ve had a Red IPA launched at Dark Mofo, the palest Belgian male promoting a Belgian Pale and Moo head brewer Dave Macgill showing off as the brewery’s head thirst-trap and NEIPA model. But what else would you expect from a brewery that’s part of David Walsh’s art, culture, food and booze empire centred around MONA?

Now we welcome a Berliner Weisse that’s so Berlin it has its own four-minute techno track. And, though the marketing may be achieved with maximum laughs, Berliner is the sort of well-considered beer at which the Hobart brewery is so adept. Though it’s brewed with the addition of passionfruit, the beer’s a far cry from the fruit-heavy nature of many sours out there. Instead, along with light tropical notes I picked up lots of lemon sherbet, cucumber, melon rind and a doughy finish in the tart and crisp beer that's likely to prompt a refreshing smile. Just don't drink it in the line to the Berghain.

Will Ziebell

Moo Brew

76a Cove Hill Road Bridgewater
TAS 7030

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